Cement manufacturing

From raw material digging to preheater, kiln, and finish grinding, SAHAVIT FOUNDRY manufactures a full range of spare parts for cement production. For example, we make spare parts for bucket wheel; heat resistant steel preheater and kiln parts; and chrome-moly steel impact resistant parts for hammermills.

Raw material digging
Our spare parts take place very first of cement manufacturing. As the picture shows bucket teeth for bucket wheel which is used to dig out raw material from the limestone quarry. With heavy duty application, our bucket teeth are made from high-strength alloy steel to achieve excellent wear life and good toughness.

Primary & Secondary crusher
Jaw crusher, Impacted crusher and cone crusher are running to reduce raw material size. With our high-quality crushers can lead to increase in productivity and part service life.


Preheat & Klin spare parts
We manufacturers heat resistance spare part for preheat to calcination zone in process Klin such as grate plate. Our heat resistant product offer options in elevated temperature condition up to 2,100°F (1,150°C).


Conveyer drag chain



Clinker drag chain

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